Sunday, April 12, 2009



exam fever almost at the end...can not wait to finish it...somehow text book is boring and we need time to get rid of it. 2 more papers to 'settle' and corporate finance...huhu..

good luck for those in the same shoe with me...wish everybody all the best

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

toastmaster club-try tulis english la pulak, haha

just went back from toastmaster programme, as a scholarship holder, my sponsor required me to join any toastmaster club in kl, so..i decided to join maxis toastmaster club, located in Plaza Sentral..the purpose of this club is to enhance our communication and leadership skills..

why i chose maxis club, the first thing is because it is easy to go there...since public transport is my 'best friend' right i've to find the club that next to lrt...the 2nd reason is most of the club members are chinese & indians..there are also foreigners that work in malaysia i take it as a challange for me to get familiar with that kind of environment...the 3rd reason is almost 90% of us are not students, they are adults and have a good job of course i can learn a lot of things from them regarding to job perspective.

today's class was a bit special..i got a chance to test my speech skills and after that hearing comments from them..there were a lot of agendas, but this one was really special to me. it makes me realize that i've to challange myself to get benefits later on..

i don't have camera, just use my 2.0 megapixels mobile phone

these are among the members, they are smart, friendly, have a good job and also full of fun(those criterias not including me), some of them are almost done to be distinguished be a distinguished communicator..we need to pass 10 stages..each stage has different kind of learning and hope i can pass all stages and become a good communicator, insyaAllah.

until then, thx everyone..good nite..zzzz

Monday, March 2, 2009

barang kesayanganku

baru lepas lap barang kesayanganku. haha..dh banyak kali barang ni berjasa kt aku..inilah barangnya

aku x terror sgt pun archery..dulu masa pemilihan masum..aku dpt pegi latihan je..nama aku yg ke-5, dia nk 4 org je untuk masum sabah..x pe la..bukan rezeki aku..pegi tournament biasa2 sudah..

ok..i wanna go sleep..have been already affected by paracetamol..nice dream..zzzzz

hari ni kelas aku mcm biasa , at 830 am, mulanya aku rasa malas nk pegi..sebab demam..ditambah pula dengan kesejukan pagi..rasa mcm nk tido balik je..tapi.....stelah habis secawan milo panas, aku decide nk lain bole, aku pun bole kot, haha

after kelas AGA, time lunch hour, kwn aku offer nk hantar aku ke klinik, ok gak..apa lagi aku terus bersetuju..Dr tu tanya nk mc x?? then aku pun jawab, bole gak.

penyudahnya aku x guna pun MC tu, sebab aku stil pegi kelas ptg, lecturer tu selalu bagi hint for final exam, so rugi la klu aku x dtg, btul x?

before this, aku dengar je pasal blog, susah ke nk buat, lepas tu tertangguh2 nk buat..ditambah pulak ada kwn aku ckp bloggers ni poyo,btul ke?? aku rasa x selagi dia tahu apa yg dia tulis.

credit to afif sbb dia introduce kt aku cara nk buat blog ni.

thx for reading. huh, first posting ni.